Sunday, August 9, 2009

Graffiti Interlude

Graffiti in Ljubljana is not the kind workers need to whitewash or paint over. With bright colors and cartoonish designs, the works fit in with the mood of the city.

Graffiti conversations sprawl across walls.

The cat is a favorite motif. is the female body.

Standard graffiti lettering is found... is plain writing

and direct political statements.

It's found on trains:

And even in this picture I took of a building reflected in a car windshield you can make out the faint scrawlings of graffiti in the corner:

In a courtyard known for its on-site performance art, I found an imitation Gauguin...

...among other, new creations.

Also collage and wood-work:

And metal art:

And a bizarre sculpture laced across a two-story building of art studios. Iztok said this depicted some American students who fell into the hands of Slovenian punks. Ha, ha, very funny Iztok. :-)

Now on to the Hostel Celica, converted prison--itself a work of art.

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