Thursday, July 23, 2009


We gathered in the main square of Koper before splitting off into separate groups to wander the city. The clock tower is a good reference point when navigating the city:

One of the buildings in the main square was under construction, and even the tarp covering the building illustrated the architectural charm of the city:

I set off towards the shore with Domenic and Laurie Alberts (also a fiction writer). Even though I’d worn hiking boots and knee-high socks, I was determined to wade in the Adriatic. On the way to the beach (which was really a rock beach with assorted shops and cafes), I saw a fitness center and promptly split off from the group to spend the rest of the afternoon on the Stairmaster (ha ha…not really):

On the shore, the view of the harbor betrays Koper’s identity as a port town. As in Trieste, giant ships, tugboats, and barges did not inspire swimming off the coast, though there were some diehards braving the waters and splashing around. Most people lay on beach towels or had picnics further inland. Domenic, Laurie and I went for the wading option—the combination of cool water and stones felt nice after hours walking around in boots. It wouldn’t have felt right to go to the edge of the Adriatic and not go in (at least partially). Once I’d stepped in the water, the experience felt complete.

As we headed back inland, it started to rain—first isolated drops and then a light drizzle. We looked for shelter and found some built into the city streets:

Someone had left their laundry out to dry on the wrong day:

We passed the Happy Shop, though I still have no idea what they sell there:

“Svilanit” is a Slovenian fine linen company and I happened to like the logo so I snapped a pic:

I got my first taste of the creative graffiti of Slovenian cities in Koper:

Also spotted a pizza place that looked good, though I later learned that it was not-so-good not-so-cheap fast food, but I still like the sign:

We met back in the square again and here is a pic of me, Wendy, and Kelly (our fearless leader, the poet and translator who braved the Hertz fiasco in Trieste):

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