Sunday, July 12, 2009


The political intrigue continued when we arrived in the tiny village of Matavun in the Western hills of Slovenia. In this part of Slovenia, a town might consist of ten houses, one bar, and a handful of wandering cats. In Matavun, the ruler of the town is Mao, a giant dog who resides at Vinck, a bed and breakfast a short distance from the Skocjan caves. Here is a picture of him looking very serious and ready to hold forth on his Communist Theories:

Here is a picture of Mao looking like he might just wait until next year to start the revolution:

Only two people live in Skocjan. I might have seen one during my stay, but then she ran into her house and closed the rickety green door:

There are so many paths that ask to be followed—

The town is build on top of caves. Beneath it all that lies is empty open space. Above it, the hills, none of which rise too high:

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